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Symmetry Home Elevators

Our recommended line of home elevators is Symmetry, a solid and reliable choice in home accessibility. Symmetry elevators incorporate the best of everything that has been learned about home elevating in the past several decades. The features and safety of Symmetry are second to none. Download the Symmetry residential elevators brochure for more information.

Symmetry Features And Benefits

American Made Quality

Designed by American engineers and made in an American factory with American owners. This is true made-in-USA quality!

Multiple Designs And Finishes Available

You might want your home elevator to be inconspicuous, tucked away to do its job behind a closet door without being noticed. Then again, you might want it to be an architectural centerpiece, with an impressive raised-panel mahogany interior. Either way and anywhere in between, a Symmetry elevator can be configured to suit your taste and needs.

Auto And Manual Gates In Many Styles

When it comes to home elevator gates, Symmetry offers many choices, from the basic manually operated scissor-style to stainless sliding doors like the ones you see in public buildings. The gate of your elevator is the first thing people see, and choosing the right one is important.

Wide Selection Of Fixtures And Lighting

The trimmings of a home elevator, such a controls and interior lights, give it much of its character. Symmetry elevators can be equipped with these accessories in a variety of styles and finishes.

Safety And Reliability

You can be assured that Symmetry elevators have the latest state-of-the-art engineering and safety devices. These include emergency stop, regular and emergency lighting, door interlocks, cab gates, automatic lower in case of power outage using battery backup, a cab phone, and several others.

Compatible Components For Easy, Affordable Maintenance

Symmetry elevators use common, widely available components that can be easily acquired and replaced should some problem arise. This is in sharp contrast to many other elevators, which depend on proprietary "black boxes" that may require a large amount of time and expense to replace in the event of failure.

Smooth, Quiet Ride

Symmetry elevators are engineered for the smoothest possible ride, free from jolts or sudden, bumpy stops. They also operate with a low level of noise to minimize disruption in the atmosphere of your home.

Space Saving Inline Gear Drive Option

Symmetry's optional inline gear drive system houses the motor within the shaft itself. The result is an extra closet or room free in your house, and an elevator intruding that much less into your living space.

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