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Stairway Lift FAQ


Q: If I buy a unit over the Internet, how much will you charge me to install it?

A: We do not install someone else's product due to to potential issues with quality, safety, and warranty. We also recommend against this strategy in general, as too often you will end up with an installer who bolts the thing to your stairs and then walks away, unable to give you the followup service you will receive from a reputable contractor.

Q: Is there any really good reason why I can't install a stair lift myself? It's just screws, right?

A: There are a host of good reasons why we recommend against customers - even the mechanically-inclined - attempting to install their own stairway lift equipment. Please read more on our Do-It-Yourself page.


Q: Are stairway lifts safe?

A: The units we install are very safe, with a number of built-in safety sensors and backup systems to prevent injury to the operator and bystanders, and damage to the unit itself.


Q: How much noise does a stair lift make?

A: Most stairway lifts feature a battery-powered motor that is very quiet indeed. It is likely to be one of the quietest appliances in your house.


Q: Does it take long to install a stairway lift?

A: The average installation is a day or less. On most lifts the majority of the prep work is performed in our shop, reducing time spent in your home.

Q: Will installation create much of a mess?

A: No. There is no debris during installation of a stair lift other than packaging containers.


Q: How often do I need to have the unit serviced?

A: The drive track should be lubricated every 6-12 months. On units requiring batteries, these should be replaced every 2-4 years.

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