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Wheelchair Lifts For Home And Business

If a residential elevator doesn't fit with your needs or budget, consider the option of a platform lift instead. Wheelchair lifts can be simple and minimal, hoisting an open platform a few inches to twelve feet - or complex and fully featured, rivalling home elevators in look and functionality. In any case, they are generally both less expensive and easier to install, than their elevator cousins. They are thus ideal not only for the homeowner on a budget, but also for public places where wheelchair access is required.

Symmetry Wheelchair Lifts

Our trusted partner for home elevators, Symmetry Elevating Solutions, also offers line of high-quality lifts for home and business. Symmetry lifts come with an industry-leading 4 year warranty, and are the only lifts in the industry using AWARE diagnostic technology. The units are sleek, quiet, and unsurpassed in safety features.

VPC-UL (Unenclosed)

Symmetry's basic unenclosed lift is designed for heights up to 60". It carries up to 750 pounds, and can be installed indoors or out, directly to the floor or in a shallow pit. Suitable for both residential and commercial installations.

Commercial Brochure

Residential Brochure

VPC-SL (Shaftway)

This model is designed to go in a pre-built shaft or hoistway. Each landing consists of a door or gate, integrated with operation of the lift. The top landing may be left partially "open" if desired, rather than extending to the ceiling.

VPC-SL Brochure

VPC-EL (Enclosure)

The enclosed model comes with its own "hoistway," which may be either solid or plexiglass. It can be ordered with an "open" top or a full outdoor enclosure including roof and ventilation. Landing doors are fully integrated into the walls.

VPC-EL Brochure


Looks and feels like an elevator, but works like a lift. Available in many sizes and configurations, it has a full height cab, a non-load-bearing ceiling, and many optional features and finishes. Customize the doors and cab to match your installation.

VPC-Hybrid Brochure

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