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SpaceLift Attic Lifts

Tired of clambering up a flimsy ladder to put things in your attic? Or maybe tripping down rickety stairs to access your basement storage? Home Elevator Company can help you out with a handy attic lift from SpaceLift. This lift is something like a dumbwaiter, but works without a hoistway. It is installed in the floor of the upper level, and lowers smoothly for loading and unloading on the lower level. The SpaceLift cargo lift carries up to 100 lbs. and is equipped with necessary features for safe operation. Watch the video below for a good overview of how it works.

Security Access Control

The SpaceLift remote control unit, mounted on a nearby wall, features operator feedback and has a key lock to prevent unauthorized operation of the lift.

2-Year Limited Warranty

The SpaceLift warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for two years.

Load Management Safety

An intelligent impact-detection system shuts down operation immediately if the unit comes into contact with an obstacle during travel. The lift will also stop automatically if an overweight load is detected. There is no need to guess at the weight of your current load, as it is monitored in real time and displayed on the remote control unit.