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If you have some difficulty moving about and carrying loads, a dumbwaiter can be an invaluable help. Even if you don't currently suffer from mobility challenges, it's smart to keep it that way by avoiding awkward, heavy, and dangerous carries up and down stairs. Every trip you make with a basket of laundry, a heavy suitcase, the garbage, or just your groceries, represents a very real risk to your health and safety.

Once the exclusive domain of millionaire mansions, dumbwaiters have lately become accessible for all homeowners. The cost is very reasonable, and the unit can be installed with minimal intrusion to your home's existing structure. Contact Home Elevator Company to assess your needs and integrate the best possible dumbwaiter solution for your situation.

Symmetry Concierge Dumbwaiter

The same manufacturer that brings you our premier line of Symmetry Elevators also offers the Concierge dumbwaiter, an affordable unit with unique features such as an onboard LCD system monitor. The Concierge is available in three sizes, with custom cab sizes made to order upon request. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

Optional Features:

  • Illuminated stainless steel send buttons
  • Pre-hung doors (stain grade birch)
  • Non-standard cab configurations including front/back and 90 degree
  • 240 Volt 50Hz power compatibility

Standard Features

  • Intelligent controller with text display
  • Illuminated stainless steel call buttons
  • Finished birch cab with dovetailed joints
  • Commercial grade rail/trolley system
  • Maintenance free motor/gear assembly
  • Safety devices including slack cable, final limit, and trolley brake
  • Interlock door safety devices (locks doors when dumbwaiter is at other levels)
  • 75 lb, 125 lb, or 250 lb capacity
  • 30 fpm rated speed
  • Economical, reliable cable drive
  • Travel up to 35 feet and 4 stops
  • 115V dumb waiter operation
  • Roll up gate